Another bad scene

Last week I visited deputy commissioner office of my area, I was expecting an official environment so dressing like a gentleman was mandatory. It was a legal dealing with one of my father’s business client, and my first experience getting into legal procedure. At half past ten we stepped into building, it was not like

Go Beyond the hour.

World is celebrating Earth hour today so we are, Government of Pakistan and Sindh Department of Environment and renewable energy signed a document with WWF to officially celebrate Earth hour with rest of the planet. It is expected that President house, National assembly and Mazar-e-Quaid shall remain dark for an hour to express how much

Sadqa for sale

One must have seen these boarding along sides of road, Sadqa (charity) which was once believed to be secret transact between man and God has now become mechanized and overt. Chippa ambulance services has started a scheme to offer small weak goats to be slaughtered at road side and then return that meaty corpse for

They call this “Oath”

Photo by The Nation I do solemnly swear …….. a cabinet of twenty-three ministers took oath this Friday at Awane Saadar. That royal hall was crowded with former ministers, chairmen and directors of national corporations including managing director of PIA (who kneeled down after about an hour due to protest of his staff). Prime Minister

Few facts and questions about anti-Blasphemy law

Among countries with a Muslim-majority, Pakistan has the strictest anti-blasphemy laws. Last Friday people from different religio-political groups were protesting against intention of National Assembly to amend that clause of constitution which can hang anyone convicted of blasphemy against last prophet. Since 1956 when Pakistan became “Islāmic” Republic, politicians have used religion for the sake