Hugs and Love

Every year Ramazan makes a unique affiliation with all of those who welcomes it with open arms and it’s definitely a sad time as their beloved guest has left them. Holy month ended once again with all those beautiful memories and spiritual feelings which have become part of my memory for my entire life. Muslim

Few facts and questions about anti-Blasphemy law

Among countries with a Muslim-majority, Pakistan has the strictest anti-blasphemy laws. Last Friday people from different religio-political groups were protesting against intention of National Assembly to amend that clause of constitution which can hang anyone convicted of blasphemy against last prophet. Since 1956 when Pakistan became “Islāmic” Republic, politicians have used religion for the sake

Who ate your goat?

So today is fifth day of Eid and nearly all tikka parties and barbecue parties have finally finished. For people like me who have no extra attraction in red meat, chicken is the only substitute but unfortunately hens’ aren’t big enough to be presented as sacrificial offering. Anyways, I was thinking to write something about

A divine Promise.

Couple of days ago, we all were waiting for most awaited storm, Phet. Almost everyone was waiting with curiosity for upcoming disaster and media channels were projecting that like something extremely terrific is about to happen; It was obvious that people living in other parts of Pakistan must have assumed that Karachi would sweep out


Whats is this going on in the city? I was shocked when I tried to cross the main road near my house that all heavy roads, underpasses and streets were blocked with heavy containers and trucks, despite of this fact that the area has main public and private hospitals and trauma centers. I don’t know