This is me!

This blog doesnt belongs to any President or celebrity, I am not member of senate or graduate of Harvard or Oxford but this blog represents a common Pakistani, a common guy who lives exactly like you, who has almost same life as you live and what ever I feel and experience being a component of society I write that up here.

This is my personal blog, my personal column. It’s a space where I reflect my ideas about things happening around me, talk about things that irritate me or the things that inspire and motivate me. Often what I write here will be controversial, it may even offend, but it will always be from the heart. If you agree or disagree with my musings please comment away because I love a debate and arguments.



11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Zain nice to meet you!

    You have an awesome job – mending the details so that flights can occur smoothly.

    I also love diversity.

    I also love doing things that are different ^_^

  2. i did not know their are people with serious attitude towards career and work in Pakistan, till I read this blog.Until then, I thought in Pakistan, they teach and export to other countries through out the world only the religion, jihad, sabotage, terrorism, drugs, anarchy.
    Now, I know better.

  3. Hello Zain I will offer you an opportunity I think you will like in coming days and I will be glad to know that you are accepting that.

    Wait for the Offer


    Tamour Tahir

  4. Hi Zain, it was nice reading about u and ur blog…i guess from aman ki asha. keep the faith rolling…best wishes to you.


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