Does your car drink water?

In this world of science and technology miracles happens almost every day, from few drops of vaccine to gigantic Hubble telescope, from a tiny unit of DNA to a genetically modified organs science left no opportunity to amaze us. There is still lot more has to be done but sad state of affairs is that are several countries where discoveries of science and fundamental needs of life are still luxuries.

In Pakistan where we use a huge amount of revenue to import fossil fuel for production of electrical power, a concept of reliable renewable energy is a day dream and when someone talks about producing energy without spending a penny produces a thrill and a ray of hope to survive in this economic downfall.

Recently, one such claim came from Agha Waqar, a so called engineer who believes physics is not limited to certain laws. He says he can drive an automobile entirely by tap water, yes water as a fuel, he demonstrated his water kit in a television show “capital talk” where a show anchor Hamid Mir and federal minister Khurseed Shah drove his car to quite some distance as we do on gasoline fuel.

What I was expecting under his car’s hood was a high tech hydro-electric plant or something which could remind me fiction movies but it was quite disappointing to see that his revolutionary water kit which he claims can change the world consist of some rubber tubes and a water canister which we use for our water dispensers.

He further disappointed me when Mir asked him the basic working concept of his device, his water kit works on mechanism of hydrogen as a fuel, and he gets his hydrogen from electrolysis for which he uses a water canister and his car battery, the hydrogen which comes out at the end of electrode is being further used as a fuel.

This means he is reintroducing the concept of perpetual motion unintentionally while it was abolished decades ago. His water kit uses an initial charge of battery to produce hydrogen and further electricity come out from a generator which gets its power directly from engine powered by hydrogen produced by electrolysis. Now don’t ask me how this cycle works without energy losses and heat dissipation.

In simple words he challenged the first law of thermodynamics which says in all cases in which work is produced by the agency of heat, a quantity of heat is consumed which is proportional to the work done, by the expenditure of an equal quantity of work an equal quantity of heat is produced. It indicates that a positive amount of work done by the system leads to energy being lost from the system. If the device worked as specified, it would violate both the first and second laws of thermodynamics

Hence he not only proves this fundamental law of modern physics wrong but also the dozens of renowned physicists and scientists insane. This reminds me of those who spent their life in useless drill to change metals into gold.

Apart from equations and scientific formulas, it’s difficult to digest his idea of electrolysis within your car and using the gas produced as a fuel in a continuous cycle. But the sad part is media marketing of this fraudulent case by anchors without technical evaluation of his water kit. In a country where fraud is a morally accepted crime this won’t be a new story. Hope a time will come when this country will produce genuine scientists and bring revolutionary change in society, we all are waiting for that time but there is a long path to cover and  a lot struggle has to be done. And yes, no cheating this time.


2 thoughts on “Does your car drink water?

  1. Agreed that a 3rd party technical analysis is yet to produce a report, but lets not label it a “fraud” straight away, no public funds have been used, no promise in the past was put in place, and it’s not a publicly or privately available prototype. Laws of science have always changed in the past, new discoveries and surprises in the lab have given us great inventions and not so great as well for which there was no formula or method defined and later after the finding the law was written down based on results. In the end even if this concept can help with a little investment to reduce the dependence of carbon fuels by 10-30% I would think it would still be a great achievement by an individual.

  2. I had read this about this as news items in Indian dailies, but when I searched for it in Pakistan dailies, it was nowhere to be seen. I am no scientific person, but Einstein who brought the equation between mass and energy, did say sometime that it would be possible one day to run a steamship round the entire world, with just a few glasses of water.

    As you yourself observed, fossil fuels are finite, oil could very well run out this century itself….and the energy requirements of the sub-continent are monumental. The greatest benefit of hydrogen based motion for vehicles would be that there would be no emission of pollution into the air, a common predicament for our cities. We all await a revolution on the energy front.

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