Andhera for an hour


A friend of mine MMS this photo, showing a dark ramp while aircraft parked on bay. Photo by Omair Zahid

Earth hour for an energy deprived country like Pakistan offers no charm and attraction, but there is a need to understand it in its true context. People around the world switch off their extra lights in a symbolic expression to show their concern for global environment and to promote awareness against large-scale carbon emission.

Thanks to Government of Pakistan and other private sectors like media and educational institutions for making this global effort a bit more prominent in Pakistan. As every year government switched off all decorative lights of national monuments including Mazare Quaid and Minare Pakistan, plus official buildings such as parliament and Awane Sadaar (President house) remained dark for an hour. This is not enough, this year CAA Pakistan and Pakistan International airlines (PIA) jointly moved a step further to make people realize about their hazardous and permanent impact on global scale.


Karachi airport Ramp gone dim

PIA kept logo lights of their aircrafts switched off for whole one hour and during all this time, our national flag remained dark on national airliners. CAA Pakistan switched off extra lights of all airports across the country.

Hope our concern for Earth and environment will not end up here and people around the world will practically formulate rules to break carbon emission and force it on every scale.


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