Hugs and Love

Every year Ramazan makes a unique affiliation with all of those who welcomes it with open arms and it’s definitely a sad time as their beloved guest has left them. Holy month ended once again with all those beautiful memories and spiritual feelings which have become part of my memory for my entire life.

Jama Masjid Nazimabad

Muslim World is celebrating Eid and I can see Eid everywhere, on every sparkling face, on every excited smile and in every enthusiastic Muslim. I can see my fellow citizens enjoying after such a long time as recent wave of horror and terror had already darkened glitters of this city, but this grand celebration has once again provided us a reason to smile and opportunity to share happiness, lets share hugs.

 Eid Mubarak!

Mosque (Photos by Zain Hasan)


2 thoughts on “Hugs and Love

  1. eid mubarak zain, may this eid bring peace and happiness not only in ur life, but also 2 ur city 🙂

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