Another bad scene

Last week I visited deputy commissioner office of my area, I was expecting an official environment so dressing like a gentleman was mandatory. It was a legal dealing with one of my father’s business client, and my first experience getting into legal procedure.

At half past ten we stepped into building, it was not like the one I  imagined. There were some cracked door while some were missing, there were balconies all around and a big courtyard just in the mid of the building. That courtyard was not any less than a junkyard.

Click to enlarge

While noticing all this I got an unintentional smile over my boredom face when a guy walk passed through corridors, “Virginity is not a dignity, it’s just a lack of Opportunity” his t-shirt said. We Pakistanis do not believe in formalities then why to worry about formal clothing? All I could see gentlemen talking with such a care that not a single drop of gutka could splash out of their little oral opening, that’s just an awesome skill, which people like you and me cannot learn without enough experience and training.

Photos by writer

As I mentioned earlier it was a government office and citizens’ record and data is one of the obvious thing they deal with. This image shows how well they preserve “official” records of our grand fathers or maybe I can find my father’s tax paper in this junk which is half dipped in assorted pan spits and residue tea which peons emptied over it. It’s not difficult to guess what is it, it’s a mountain of files and folders piled up next to attorney’s office.

Anyway move forward, here you can see trademark of our government offices, you can find such things at international airports, railway stations, city councils, courts and government offices on smaller and larger scale. Thanks to my fellow citizens who took such a creative responsibility to maintain this tradition by spitting all over (obviously except their homes).

View from balcony (click to enlarge)

Many people visit this office on daily basis, most of them must have seen these things and must have accepted it but why we never raise questions over credibility of system and why people are so comfortable with privacy of their data and sensitive information when a mountain of files and folders is so obvious for everyone?

Have you ever witnessed such things in public places? Do you feel disgusted? I am sure, your replies must be all yes! so don’t bother to add in comments. But please do write your opinion and comments if something is boiling in you.

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