Go Beyond the hour.

World is celebrating Earth hour today so we are, Government of Pakistan and Sindh Department of Environment and renewable energy signed a document with WWF to officially celebrate Earth hour with rest of the planet. It is expected that President house, National assembly and Mazar-e-Quaid shall remain dark for an hour to express how much we are concerned with environment and global warming. Despite of all the commitment, Government of Pakistan has failed to initiate any environment friendly policy or education program for young people and it is much-needed that we shouldn’t just switch off our lights but this should go beyond the hour.

Here are some examples that how we can bring change for planet Earth.

Pakistan is already energy deficient but producing more energy means using more fossil fuel because 60% of our electricity production depends on natural gas, oil and coal which release pure carbon dioxide when  burn so its our responsibility to not just demand electricity but “environment friend” renewable electricity.

Decorative lightnings over events such as Independence day, Jashn-e-Milladun Nabi and political functions waste enormous amount of electricity. Stealing electricity to express your joy and festivity is not just a social crime but a waste of energy. lighting. A country which is already deprived of electricity can save a lot by avoiding decorative lighting.

We can save by using modern  halogen lamps instead of conventional tungsten lamps for outdoor sports like night matches. Although most of illumination for such cricket matches come from stolen electricity but since we don’t have public stadium and playgrounds; such arrangements can fulfill that gap.

At least switching off your extra lights from 8:30 to 9:30 pm (local time) on 26th March can show your commitment with energy conservation, but remember, it’s not for an hour, we have to go beyond it. Think if you can do this; IMAGINE how much we can achieve.

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