Sadqa for sale

Poor goats, waiting ....

One must have seen these boarding along sides of road, Sadqa (charity) which was once believed to be secret transact between man and God has now become mechanized and overt.

Chippa ambulance services has started a scheme to offer small weak goats to be slaughtered at road side and then return that meaty corpse for charity. This has become a ritual in our society to offer a slaughter as a remedy of bad luck and to treat unwanted supernatural curse. People has confined sadqa (charity) to animal slaughter which contradicts with actual teachings of religion, which encourages its followers to give whatever they have best in charity to poor and deserving people.

Chipa palna and sadqa boards can be seen everywhere in city.

It scratches heart of animal loving citizens when they see poor goats confined within iron cages without enough protection from weather and other facilities.  Chippa had made everything so commercialized and “easy to use” that you can find people having lunch on footpaths and they give you chance to drop your unwanted baby in road side cots. It’s miserable to see how Chippa has brought good work to pavements, it is not just disrespectful but humiliating for both humans and animals.

Photos by writer.

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