They call this “Oath”

Photo by The Nation

I do solemnly swear …….. a cabinet of twenty-three ministers took oath this Friday at Awane Saadar. That royal hall was crowded with former ministers, chairmen and directors of national corporations including managing director of PIA (who kneeled down after about an hour due to protest of his staff).

Prime Minister Gillani watched that short ceremony while President Zardari kept reciting decades old script in English. What is that? Is this an oath? could you see any holy book there? raised hands? Upon whom they sworn?

Yeah as per tradition dozens of ministers took oath by just reading a statement written in a file, they didn’t put their hands on divine text nor they shown their palms but that didn’t happen for the first time, since the time of Pakistan’s independence we had made this our tradition, our all eleven Presidents and governor generals including founder Jinnah had taken oath of their office in this style.

Photo by Getty Images


Pakistani clerics have been criticizing western secular policies and lifestyle since Islamization of Pakistan but  they never pointed their finger against this so-called sacred event. One should recall western oaths like one Obama took on Holy Bible, this symbolize how western societies enforce theological fear over people in power unlike our administrative system.  I don’t have issues with their style or tradition but at least don’t call that an oath,  joke would be a better word.

One thought on “They call this “Oath”

  1. An oath should be more about a ‘promise’ and less about superficial bells and whistles. A man can take an oath on a holy book and still cheat an plunder. It happens all the time. Clerics screw minors in mosques and churches every now and then, don’t they?

    I promise should hardly have anything to do with religion. IMO.

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