Your doctor can be a risk.

World AIDS Day

Importance of sterilization and hygiene practice in medicine and dentistry.


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Getting medical treatment or dental surgery is definitely a burden on your pocket but it’s no more. You can find dental clinics along pavements where you can get dental procedures like root canal treatment and tooth extraction at a very low-cost similarly if you want to get your regular contraceptive injection or have any medical issue, there are many low-cost dispensaries around us who usually pokes a needle as a remedy of any trouble happening in your body.

For God sake, all these places will not just ruin your health but their unsterilized surgical instruments can permanently harm your long-term health, every time you go to any of those private clinics you put health at a greater risk of HIV transmission and other deadly viruses. To cut the risk of viral transmission, an internationally accepted law was formed after AIDS outbreak in 1980s and that is generally known as Universal precautions, about which you and your doctor  should know and works in accordance to those precautions. Under this all patients are considered  as possible carriers of pathogens or blood transmitting infectious agents, it is good for you to make sure your doctor use gloves while collecting or handling blood samples and body fluids, and practice hygiene habits. There are many things we neglect in our daily lives which can easily risk our health and health of our family, by ensuring following precautions you can easily live a risk free healthy life.

  • PMDC recommended to avoid unnecessary use of injection medicine.
  • Always ask your barber to replace blade after use.
  • Always make sure your doctor or nurse use new syringe and ask them to destroy it after use.
  • Always make sure that the instrument or jewelry which a person is using to make a piercing on your body is sterilized or new.
  • Avoid frequent change of partners and make sure both of you use proper protection. (purchasing one isn’t shameful).

By ensuring above mentioned precautions and hygiene practices you can guarantee health of your family and people around you. One more misconception is need to be discussed specially in countries like mine, it is considered that HIV can be transmitted mainly due to illegal sexual practices or homosexual behavior but in fact this virus can be transmitted through contact with any bodily fluid (of infected person) plus surveys concluded that despite of dual sexual morality of citizens, AIDS is rapidly spreading in Pakistan through unapproved physicians and drug users.

HIV is a silent killer, it will produce no sign or  symptom up-to ten years till it changes into AIDS and at that time it will be too late to use effective treatment so never underestimate it.  If you still have any question or query or suggestion about  testing, prevention and transmission of HIV you can directly write down here in comments or you can directly send me a private message. Although it is arduous to produce instant awareness but together we can make difference.

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