Who ate your goat?

So today is fifth day of Eid and nearly all tikka parties and barbecue parties have finally finished. For people like me who have no extra attraction in red meat, chicken is the only substitute but unfortunately hens’ aren’t big enough to be presented as sacrificial offering.

Anyways, I was thinking to write something about how I spent my second Eid but I know it wont please you that I spent major portion of day either sleeping or reading about electric cars and other stupid stuff, except that thanks giving prayer plus Eid sermon my majority of activities were confined within my room, that was the only way to avoid hearing cheerful crowd enjoying their bulls and cows being slaughtered on roads. For meat lovers it was an exemplary occasion but for me it was Eid, being animal sensitive isn’t the issue, but I think I hate the way people do things on roads, the whole behavior is disturbing. Although there is a need to discuss morality of this issue on public platform but let’s move further, there is already a controversy against me for using some bizarre words for ritual slaughter in my facebook status.

Well, yesterday while walking through a pavement of a nearby park which was quite crowded before Eid with grazing cows, excited kids and tall camels along with their adolescent care takers was so silent now and hardly two senior citizens were reading morning paper in the dim lights of lamp poles. The scene said itself, smell of cattle was still there, but I didn’t find any.

After five days of feast and festivity people here will head to work from tomorrow with their tummies stuffed with meat and their pockets with antacid tablets.

4 thoughts on “Who ate your goat?

  1. i like your the way you write..but i must say its very unspecific..i mean it lacks a theme…is it about your activities on eid or about the reaction of people on eid or on eid itself?i find it incomplete and vague..

    • right, yeah I kept that short, mixed and informal to make sure others don’t feel bore. I felt that writing formal essays attract less attention and readers usually skip central part of article.
      You can say its like a page from my diary.

  2. I am glad to see a Pakistani blogging… I like the way you write but I felt that you were not using the “freedom of speech” and by saying this I don’t mean to criticize it’s just a suggestion.

  3. assalamualikum, i just came thru ur page by reference from a frnd of mine, i totally identify eith this situation of urs, i liked it 🙂

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