Things I like about Minibuses.

Karachi is well known for its diversity and social acceptance (at least in Pakistan). If you have ever been to this city you must have seen those beautifully decorated vans commonly known as mini buses over crowded roads, you can find them anywhere within our city rushing like a roller coaster with customized horns. I have been traveling through these buses since last few years and there are few things you should know about minibuses. First of all you can feel how cattle manage themselves during transportation from one city to if you are a frequent traveler. Getting a place over door step during rush hour is an added fun, you can have a joy ride while getting fresh air slapping your face (beware of pan spits from side windows). You will get a chance to learn some of the latest slang to update your vocabulary; these will be handy for you in all odd situations. Plus you can get to know what sort of deodorants and body sprays men are using now days but most of the time you will find that people traveling in minibuses prefer acidic armpit odors over expensive sprays. You can get read latest news if someone seating next to you is reading morning paper (just stare from a distance).

Duty free shopping is quite too common in aero planes but here you will experience a unique sense of shopping in buses, from chopped coconuts to pen pencils and band aids, perfumes to hanker-chief you can find all sort of  items at a very low price. Although traveling in minibus is exciting, funny (frustrating most of the time) and a complete new experience every time but it can be very risky and hazardous too, never try to jump out of carriage no matter how much conductor insist you to do so, however you will find many chances but never attempt to indulge in fighting physically while it can be enjoyable and a entertaining time pass to watch other people punching and yelling at each other. Mobile phone stealing, pick pocket and sexual harassment can be extremely disturbing but you can learn basic skills to deal with embarrassing situations, so enjoy minibuses and explore diversity of Karachi.

4 thoughts on “Things I like about Minibuses.

  1. hahaha ….. funny yet fact !! …. why dont u become the future driver of mini bus, I will travel with you surely 😛

  2. hahaha funny yet fact ….. why dont u become the future driver of minibus 😛 I will travel with u surely 😉

  3. lol a very sarcastic yet funny and well written article..i think you would like to own a minibus someday 😉

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