One year of Zaaviya

Today is tenth Oct. of two thousand and ten, well, its not a co incidence some two years ago Beijing 2008 Olympic games had used this mathematical sequence for inauguration 0n 8th August 2008 at eight past eight minutes in the evening plus today I attempted an employments test which was especially scheduled on Sunday maybe because of significance of repeated ten.

Its not a main story actually, today is first anniversary of Zaaviya, a blog which has a  significant and important part in my life, feeling of getting comments from around the world is just awesome and  love the way it connects me with everyone virtually. In past one year I wrote several articles about various subjects of life mainly about politics, sometime it had been tough for me to argue and criticize things like religious and political believes, but every time I enjoyed it. This Eid, word press promoted my post regarding that festive occasion as freshly pressed, it was an honoring and exciting moment for me to see my post among top articles. Things are changing, world is constantly changing from its very beginning, people are adopting improved lifestyles hence our appearance represents a huge fraction of our actual personality, our opinions and believes about life, so is my blog, this new theme is more colourful than the previous one. Anyways it is getting longer and boring so its better to finish it here, oh yeah I forgot to thank you for being a reader of Zaaviya. Thanks!


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