Delhi is ready and waiting!

Since Asian Games, its first time when India is going to host world’s second largest sporting event, while celebrations have already started in my neighborhood country and being an excited neighbor I cant wait for this Sunday patiently. Dances, drums, music, yoga, textiles…The sights, sounds and colours of India, encapsulating 5,000 years of the country’s culture, are set to mesmerise at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony Oct 3 and the creative team behind it says they are ready and waiting!

The opening ceremony of the Delhi 2010 will have a total of 7,000 men, women and children putting up as many as six different performances. For the first time in the history of the Games the athletes will march into the stadium during the opening segment of the ceremony after which they will be seated to enjoy the ceremony. The ceremony has been divided into six segments – Rhythm of India, Swagatam, Tree of Knowledge, Yoga, Great Indian Journey and A.R. Rahman’s rendition of the CWG anthem, informed Bharat Bala, who is among the creative team for the event. Rhythm of India will be a blend of different drums from India and will involve around 1,000 drummers creating a symphony. Popular singer Hariharan will then sing a welcome song, which will be a cocktail of Hindustani, classical, Carnatic and folk music, and around a 1,000 school children from the capital will perform on it. Following this would be the Tree of Knowledge. Next will be a “unique segment” featuring over 1,000 yoga performers, followed by the Great Indian Journey, which will give a glimpse of rural India with the help of 1,500 performers. The first 10 minutes of the Games opening ceremony will exhibit the rich textiles and traditional crafts of India. To be shown in the first segment, it will showcase the rich heritage, art and craft of handloom weavers and artisans of India.The crescendo to the grand, two-and-a-half hour ceremony will be brought by Oscar winning composer A.R. Rahman.  He will be singing the Games anthem “Jiyo Utho Badho Jeeto”, and will also render his award winning number “Jai Ho” and his most popular number “Maa Tujhe Salaam”.

Bharat Bala says there is elaborate choreography for the last segment that would involve a huge number of performers. To project India’s secular culture, azaan, will be a part of the background score at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Commonwealth Games. A qawwali soundtrack, props on the celebration of Eid and Mughal monuments will also be shown.There will be other attractions at the event too, including the Rs.40 crore aerostat that will be multipurpose, with video content being projected on it. The projections will include animation and graphics.

The Queen’s Baton will arrive at the stadium at 20:26 hours after completing its’ 170,000kms journey across the Commonwealth’s 71 Nations and Territories including Pakistan. The Baton will be received by HRH The Prince of Wales who will read The Queen’s message, which ends with the opening of the Games. The President of India will then deliver her address and signal the commencement of the Games.

In spite of all the criticism Indian officials are determined and excited to produce best ever common wealth games,  wish if I could also attend upcoming ceremony but due to a scheduled exam and political barriers it isn’t possible right now (hope things will be much better in future) but wont miss live tv coverage. Best wishes from Pakistan.

5 thoughts on “Delhi is ready and waiting!

  1. Although, I am not a Indian but do share heritage history with India/Pakistan I am so proud that a nation in South Asia has the opportunity to bring world attention and much loved programme to its heart.

    Admittedly there has been much negative and disturbing concerns which have been fed back to us here in the UK – showing the poor infrastructure and poor ground operations to facilitate or coordinate for athletes – at the same time India and its people have risen up to the challenge and will no doubt prove its critics wrong.

    Never the less, the light of hope will be on a nation that has walked along the past of history many times, and will do once again during these games.

    I’m so proud and will be watching all that happens closely.

    Sufi from UK but heart in South Asia

  2. That comment, as many in the West use is “way out” and “cool”. Alas, even while in India, due to my work priorities, I may scarcely be able to catch a few snatches on the idiot box, of the CWG, so forgive me if I am envious. But since you claim that your heart is first in Sufism followed by sport, I must say….I got to get to listen to the one and only Abida Parveen ji LIVE in Chennai, unfortunately going to have to miss Shafqat Ali in Goa, where I believe he is going to sing shortly….that certainly interests me more than CWG…rather think you will understand, with your own stated priorities ! So your “pride” will be well-placed indeed, any which way.

  3. Hey Bro,
    Its really good to read this blog and all your wishes for the games. Being an Indian, I am deeply touched to read kind words for India coming from a Pakistani, which unfortunately is not much visible between the 2 countries.

    The younger generation of both the countries have dreams and aspirations to conquer the world. For us political issues are immaterial. People to people interactions will help improve the bonding between the 2 separated brothers.

    I wish I could have facilitated your visit to watch the games here. India has much to offer to Pakistan in terms of its new place in the world and growth story of millions here…Our success depends on our neighbours success as well.. We wish you the very best..May we all live happily together…

  4. Nitish

    India and Pakistan is one – although it has two faces (like a coin) it is part of a whole. The value of the whole is the same. There is a line that runs through the heart of the whole, but one day this line will be torn apart by brotherhood and Unity, by people with our imaginations.

    • Hey, Kailash Kher is going to sing in the CWG closing ceremony. For a change I actually wanted to get there….alas, can’t make it…sob
      Cheers !

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