Lets share Hugs!

I was fortunate enough that I got a complete month off to enjoy compulsory fasting at home, (And its making me mad that I have to re-join work by coming Monday). Although every year it irritates me to adopt a new schedule of eating/drinking, avoiding irrelevant stuff and following regularity of prayers but every time, its emotional to say goodbye to Ramadan.

Ramadan is ending again, after a month of abstinence, control and spiritual training now its time to appreciate and admire what you have done. Its a moment of joy, blushing faces of little kids, bright bangles in fragile wrists, dark hina glowing in fair palms along with laughter and smiles announces the annual celebration of Eid.

Eid ul Fitar, the annual holiday and global celebration commemorating the end of fasting month of Ramadan, although its not a lucky time for this country since flooding and other disasters had already ruined the peace of lives, but  still passion for celebration and festivity of Eid is not any less, even people from different walks of life are willing to share their happiness with flood victims. Its important to mention here that Governor of Sindh himself managed to gather several students and volunteers in Governor house’s west lawn, to prepare Eid gift bags for all those unfortunate kids who just lost their houses and friends in natural disaster.

Anyways, I am excited about tomorrow’s thanks giving prayers, as per the forecast of weather department, this will be a rainy Eid here in Karachi which will put more fun and colour in the most awaited celebration of the year. Eid Mubarak ! Share hugs!

125 thoughts on “Lets share Hugs!

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  2. Happy Ramadan to you all.
    Your blog is interesting which make me read your blog more and more. I have similar blog like yours.

    🙂 Ramadan is holly month which you believe for goodness, with Allah. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Lovely post. My husband was born in Istanbul and his family still lives in Turkey. He is there now for a family wedding. We all need to understand and to de-mystify the traditions of others on the planet. It’s more important now than ever before.

  4. I celebrate your spiritual journey! I see a gift of rebirth, even in the floods and lost homes. All material things can be replaced and sounds like the open hearts in your community are all pulling together. It’s those open hearts that are eternal and can never be lost!

    Light, Life, Love

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  6. I’d never heard of this celebration before, thank you so much sharing. Perhaps Eid is at the perfect time to help those who suffer from the flooding.

    Be well, and congratulations of Freshly Pressed.

  7. I enjoyed this posting very much. I thought I would take the time to share one of my recent poems from my site, interestingly called “Hugs.”

    “Hugs” copyright 2009 John J. Rigo, upcoming book “Passion Amidst Apathy.

    There is something wonderous about a hug.
    It is a way of saying “you are special to me.”
    A step beyond the boundries of formal convention.
    The assurance of a heart touching a heart.
    A touch of comfort to calma grieving heart.
    A cheek touching a cheek,
    with a kiss of greeting.
    Whether a man to man,
    or woman to woman,
    or man to woman,
    or woman to man,
    there are no limits to showing,
    our love for one another.

    We are all souls in His creation,
    with an eternal bond between us all.
    The hug is the sign of our sisterhood and brotherhood.
    Let it not become forgotten in your life,
    it is precious honey to the wounds of this life,
    forever giving,
    forever loving,
    in the wonder of love,
    to all of us.

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  9. Laughter, smiles, love of God. It’s nice to see your religion portrayed honestly, not manipulated (as it so often is these days) by fanatics on both sides, to empower their own conquest of the realm of 10,000 things. Thank you for your insight and congrats on F.P. By the way, what does “Eid Mubarak” mean? Like most Americans, I am oblivious to the traditions of Islam.

    • Thanks, yes I am excited too, my post is among F.P posts, its a wow feeling lol.
      Anyways Eid Mubarak means Eid blessed or generally its equal to Eid Greetings.

      • Oh, I see. It’s like at our time of Christmas when we say “Season’ Greetings. Thank you and Eid Mubarak.

  10. It stirs the heart, both with compassion and wonder, to think of the people of Pakistan celebrating this holy festival after so many weeks of tragedy and loss. Thank you for reminding us of this.


  11. Eid mubarak to everyone. I loved it.. liked it 🙂

  12. Happy Eid! I know that’s not really what I’m supposed to say, but I quite like it, and it’s been what I have been saying to all of my Muslim friends these past few days. I hope you and your family had and will still have a wonderful celebration. And creds to you for fasting all day for a month, I know I would never be strong enough to deny myself food or drink for that long.

  13. Happy Eid! I’m very happy that I made it without missing a single day. I have the same problem reinitializing my everyday life style after each Ramadan. I’m so glad that it made me feel happy.
    So, happy Eid to you and to everyone.

  14. Eid Mubarak everyone! 😀

    We can only hope that the past month of Ramadan was a success to us all in the sense that we have rid ourselves of our sins since we know not whether we will meet the next holy month of Ramadan…

    • Thanks Khair Muabarak!
      Holy month is over, now its time to practically promote and preach the ideology and phenomenon of fasting through our daily lifestyle.


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  17. Were your PPL the one that attack 9/11 NO OFFENCE just wanted to know and hey sorry as me an american for the burning of the Karon that crazy pastor didnt know wat he was doing his crazy lolz i respect your realigon and you have the right to ptactice it.Hey when will every realigon come together.

    • Sorry but 9/11 was a terrorist attack which we shaped into a political attack, the day has become a dark spot in the history of the World and cant forget. Terrorists are just terrorists don’t associate them with nationalities and religions, Islam hates those who kills innocent humans, theses terrorists need to read the translation of holy text.
      Any ways, thanks for supporting religions. After all we Muslims, Christians and Jews are from same root, we believe in same God and follow teachings of same Abraham pbuh. So why so much hate and racism?

    • Wow… beautiful comment, thanks for that big hug from Indonesia. Please accept our Thanks and Eid greetings from Pakistan.

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  19. i felt so happy when i saw a post related to eid n ramazaan being freshly pressed. congrats.
    this post must have been read by so many and must have cleared the doubts of so many people about what islam is actually about, what ramazaan is actually about. i would like to add- to know how a particular religion is see what the religion says rather than seeing what the people of that religion say!

  20. Your festival and tradition sounds so interesting! Can non-muslims join in this fast?
    I hope you enjoy the festivities and that it brings relief to those devastated by the flood. Even just spiritual relief and upliftment.

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  22. I am so happy you were Fresh Pressed. It looks like you have introduced many non-Muslims to Eid and a more positive picture of Islam. I’m glad I found your blog and will follow you through Google Reader. Eid Mubarak from Minnesota USA
    “Aunt Suzy”

  23. Spare a thought for the Muslims in India, who are in greater number than the Muslims of Pakistan, but who are dedicated to the cause of Islam as much, if not more, than anyone else . Unison in the world begins when Pakistan and India can get together, even with wordpress around !

  24. wow nicely written. Wishing You A Very Happy & A Blessed Eid. May the Blessings of Allah be with you all.

    With Warm Regards,
    Abbas & Family.

  25. Salam
    Belated Eid Mubarak, well said that no metter how you have you fasting month of ramadan its very emotional to say goodbye as we don’t know to see it again.

    Tamour Tahir

  26. Salam
    Belated Eid Mubarak, well said that no matter how you have you fasting month of Ramadan its very emotional to say goodbye as we don’t know to see it again.

    Tamour Tahir

  27. Nice Post! Our Islam brethren have just finished celebrating their Ramadan. Kudos ! To them specially who participated to this practice.

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  29. Great shots. I’m in love with the B&W Skull Rock one. You can see so many things in it.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    An excellent blog about perfect. Thank you again..

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