Young Olympians

Too many stories are happening now a day, you must have watched people arguing over TV about flood relief operation, people angry about match fixing scandal which just happened at London and numerous of other issues including political and energy crisis, but many of you may be don’t know that our young athletes did something very appreciable and nobody noticed their victory, even I didn’t see a single interview or live comment of any player, yes they won silver medal in Youth Olympic Games Singapore 2010 where 202 nations were participating.

“Our aim was to win the gold, but silver is still good news.”  Said a team official, “Pakistan have 20 million people made homeless by the floods and they are desperate for any sort of good news – tonight, we have brought great cheer to them.” But its our bad luck that we never cheer up and celebrate our heroes, these few Olympians can bring gold from upcoming  London 2012 Olympic Games but nation is much serious in criticism and leg pulling than anything else.

Celebrating sports and friendship at this very basic beginning is a fascinating idea of International Olympic Committee which successfully completed last week in Singapore where young athletes from around the globe com-petite in environment of festivity,  friendship and peace gathering together people of various nationalities achieving the ideals of Olympic movement.

Thanks Team Pakistan.

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