Another Drama

Who says that human sacrifices have become extinct, about 46 people were killed in last two days after a murder of member provincial assembly in a mosque near my house, this figure is just of those who were killed just in the name of anger and expression otherwise hundreds are severely injured due to riots in the city.

Despite of the fact that country mourn for only one day for the victims of flight ED202, here in Karachi people are forced to mourn for up to 3 days just because of the murder of one MPA, this shows how we care about our representatives. A terrorist political group of city ruined all the peace and burnt shops, cars, and public transport, I have seen shops and cars burning and turning into smoke and fumes with my own sight and its so painful that I cant restrict myself telling you that we are really waiting for curse. Cant you figure out that when Americans push us out of their territory we call it racism and extremism but when we do the same with pathans, we call it expression of anger,  is this logical to torture whole ethnic community just because of the one guilty person from them? I think we have nothing to do except dramas and its another one.

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