A Gift from Singapore!

It was a nice sleepy morning when my father told me that post man has brought something for me, it was a parcel from Singapore. After inspecting that from every corner I started to unwrap, and when I opened that up, two little guys jumped out, both were very excited and jumping around my room. Blue girl came near me and raised her hand to shake, ” I am merly” she said, wow what a cool girl she was continuously smiling but I didn’t say a word because I was surprised, “Hey! I am Lyo” suddenly orange colored guy shouted from my kitchen floor, “Desmond was really very excited about your birthday gift so he sent us here because we love to travel around the globe” Merly completed her sentence in one breath, “And yes we want to travel around the Karachi to tell Youth about upcoming YOG” Lyo said in excitements, “Yes sure, sure” I replied. Later both mascots of Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games start introducing themselves to my sister and mom, there was also a greeting card for me from my friend wishing me birthday,  “hope these 2 mascots will reach “safely” to Karachi” yes yes, both are in Karachi and aren’t feeling tired after having direct flight from Singapore.

Lyo and Merly were introduced to the world in November last year. Since then, they’ve been traveling around the world, making friends and spreading the word about the Games.

Olympic Games have been always an attraction for me, I don’t know why but I always like to keep attached with them like many people around the World, because of which I came to know about different cultures of great countries and became friend of many people around the globe. Desmond Chan is one of my very good friend from Singapore, and now when 1st Youth Olympic Games are going to take place for the first time in Singapore, he is getting very excited about that, although I live far from Singapore but our friendship is like a bond between two cities.

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