Issue or Fun?

Earlier in the day, the Lahore High Court ordered authorities to block Facebook until May 31. Controversy erupted in the conservative Muslim country last month when a Facebook “user” set up a page called “Draw Mohammed Day”, inviting people to send in their caricatures of the Muslim prophet on May 20.

Personally I think this issue is not that critical and important as our people and government is trying to shape it, one could easily find cartoons of prophets and religious leaders over internet and it is trusted medium of sick-minded people to hurt people or satisfy their racist souls but surprisingly our people ignited and they actually helped them achieve their goal by making that group more popular and known over print media and internet. By blocking more than three hundred websites including Flickr, Youtube and world’s biggest online and most trusted encyclopedia, our people have proved that we still favor Zia policies, where government treat people like slaves to impose religious restrictions. None of the website actually invites you to watch inappropriate material; it is the user who searches out things from a buffet of data. You can search and browse pornography and religious verses over the same internet connection, but blocking internet main web portals just for the sake of your opinions is not a mature step. (Yes opinions because most of those protesting over roads about facebook might not have used internet in their life).

One could easily hear cursing prayers for those who had drawn sketches of last prophet, they use all the hated speech which he could use to take out frustration for non-Muslims but is this religion has taught us to behave in general; did Muhammad p.b.u.h curse for those who made him bleed for fun? Did Abraham and Jesus p.b.u.h curse those who tortured them for the sake of religion? No, it is not allowed to curse, disgrace or humiliate even a sinner because in doing so, one helps the Satan, who is avowed to disgrace and humiliate Muslims before God.

Well today we should think that how we have portrayed our prophet in front of the World, instead of appreciating his noble qualities, his love for humanity and creatures of God, we love to talk and write about his opinion about War and Jihad, we might have never heard about a single thing about bedroom life of previous prophets p.b.u.t, but we always give references about last prophet’s marriages and you can read a dozen of books with detailed descriptions about his martial life and things which should not be published about a holy personality. People like Shezad who call themselves righteous one represents Islamic ideology for none Muslims, they think that religion can be imposed with force but history has proved that religion can survive only with love and tolerance. Our political leaders, religious leaders and official actors like Zaid Hamid (a man who love to live in a fantasy world) had badly damaged our religious culture and concepts and they all interpreted Islam as a political party more than a religion.

3 thoughts on “Issue or Fun?

  1. a very good thinking i must say n this act of muslims will only provoke hatred and racism in ppl from other religions

  2. nicely written. well m lil late to post my comments….

    i agree with you to some extent only. the protests against the draw Mohammad day were right but the act of blocking website without even communicating with the authorities of those sites was purely nuisance.

    today i read in the newspaper that the lahore highcourt has ordered immediate block on 9 websites among them are yahoo, msn, hotmail, amazon, bing and google. block is ordered on the request of some mr sadiq from bahawalpur who believes that these sites are involved in anti islamic activities.

    i think that the judge(s) has gone mad or they even dun have any knowledge what these sites are all about. seriously i laughed out loudly when i read that google is the chief one among them lol. google has nothing to do with the publishing of data. its the search engine damn it.. the “adliya” is now “azad” but it very severly lack the right “decision making” abilities

    blocking google would have drastic effect on the people specially on the students. “agay hi pakistan na teen(3) mein hai na teraan(13) mein” i wonder what would happened after the so called act of blockin in the name of ISLAM.


    P.B.U.H is the alternative of sallalah o alayhay waalehii wasalam or s.a.w – darood- which can ONLY be added with the name of Prophet Mohammad s.a.w.. with reference to para 3 line 4: you wrote jesus pbuh which is not permitted in Islam. secondly jesus is not a right word to pronounce for Hazrat Esa A.S

    • Thanks for your comment sir, I agree with your opinion except last part. You are right that our mad judges are issuing verdicts without understanding the fact that internet has become an important source of education and information (which is a drop of ocean for this starving country) but regardless of case, and significance of petitioner they immediately block important websites as you said Google and other search engines; it is also a form of Religious extremism where a person try to enforce his religious views and restrictions on other person by force and violence but in this case this extremism is legal.
      In the last you raised an objection regarding the use of a.s and p.b.u.h for Prophets, so for me, all Prophets are equal and they deserve equal dignity and respect and according to Wikipedia Peace be upon him means عليه السلام‎ ʿAlayhis salaam – A.S this expression follows after naming any prophet other than Muhammad, or one of the archangels (i.e. Jibreel, Mikaeel, etc.) and صلى الله عليه وسلم‎ ṣall Allahu ʿalayhi wa sallam S.A.W means May Allah honour him and grant him peace, this expression follows specifically after saying the name of the last prophet of Islam, Muhammad. Secondly, Jesus is just an English alternative of Arabic Essa, like Moses for Moosa, Abraham for Ibrahim and Issac for Ishaq and you can find the same name in other English translations of Quran.

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