Rebranding of NWFP

You must have been watching and reading about eighteenth amendment of Pakistani constitution since last few days over tv and print media. Amazingly parliament of Pakistan has approved all clauses of amendment without any serious objection, (it’s still a matter of fact that there are number of controversies against this amendment including removal of clause through which it was previously compulsory for political parties to launch annual party elections which gives an impression that this amendment is much in favour of creators than those who will bear its impact) but still this amendment has to pass through the senate of Pakistan, the supreme court review and finally presidential signature.

But the thing which seems funny and immature is the re-branding the name of NWFP (formerly known as North West Frontier Province). I don’t know why and how they suddenly felt that six decades old name of a province is no more stylish so they gave it a new and “impressive” name, Khyber Pakhtoon-a-Khowa (pushtoo speaking Khyber). This ethnocentric (ugly) name was enough for locals of Khyber Pakhtoon-a-khowa (believe me its difficult to write it again and again. And I am sure children are going to face difficulty memorizing its spelling) they rushed on streets dancing and celebrating its approval soon after its acceptance by assembly, but these poor dudes don’t know that by changing name of their province there isn’t going to be miracle happening over night, nobody is changing their fate and polices of government, choco-chum has just renamed into coco-mo.

But we should pay thanks to God that they didn’t make it “Khyber Baynazeer”. According to a radio news report, government said that it will cost around eight billion rupees over printing and publishing of new federal and provincial records because of new name of fourth province. Plus many people living in northern regions are demanding a separate Hazara province due to “racial” name of Khyber. If this trend will penetrate in our culture than I should start considering¬† Sadaar as new provincial capital of Karachi.

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