Pakistani Runners in ECO Marathon

Environment protection, ozone conservation and global warming, these are the few words which we speak everyday, almost all the times even today companies are using them as a marketing brand, but what are we practically doing to make impact, or are we just making internet blogs, speeches and ads about them?

You must be thinking that this non-sense post is one like many, but wait, few day ago I talked with my high school friend and came to know that Pakistani youth is not any less than others, in fact lack of fossil fuel, energy crisis and environment is not just western terms, we are being equally effected by those creepy terms and eventually energy crisis has ruined our wallets and peace of life. But in this difficult times, few friends have joined there hands  together to build an experimental PROTOTYPE vehicle which will use Futuristic  streamlined primary design  to reduce  drag  and maximize  efficiency. Their project  aims  to  build  the  most aerodynamic  and  fuel-efficient  vehicle  possible as compare to commercial cars, these few students of NED university of Karachi are working together to produce a model which can change future of automobile engineering.

It is a part of their collective brainstorming for The Shell Eco-marathon challenge. Which invites high school and college student teams from around the world to design, build and test energy efficient vehicles. With annual events in the Americas, Europe and Asia, the winner is the team that goes the furthest distance using the least amount of energy. This event also affords an outstanding engagement opportunity for current and future leaders who are passionate about finding sustainable solutions to the world’s energy challenge.

Government of Pakistan usually never encourage such projects, and these people are funding this prototype from their personal expenses so if you want to see Pakistani flag waving in Malaysian stadium than you should support them and sponsor their project and commercial brands can also buy a place over that sexy prototype vehicle to showcase their company emblem. Support Pakistan, Support Team Alliance.

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