Celebrating Pakistan Day

Today is 23rd of March, a same day when about seventy years back, Muslim league passed a resolution to get a separate homeland where Muslims could live happily and in a peaceful style. Today after decades, we are celebrating that memorable day with patriotic zeal, but wait!

As I opened my television to get news updates about when President will award sitar-e-imtiaz to deserving citizen tomorrow, I read a news slide that a young boy was brutally tortured in a police cell just because he was suspected in stealing and at last he died due to unbearable pain, the next news was about target killing which had happened near my locality just a couple of hours ago, and after that my television sparked off due to regular load shading, now you people tell me is this the dreamland which our leaders demanded some seventy years back in Lahore?

Our people have become extremely selfish, bribery, corruptions have become a major part of our culture due to lack of opportunities, but still we are happy. We are currently suffering from electricity crisis, our dams have insufficient water storage, our gas supplies are getting short every day, our forex reserves are draining at God’s pace, our children are dying in hospitals due to faulty injections, our youth is wandering job less and our ministers are travelling in business class jets and their children are enjoying world-class education in Harvard, Stanford and Oxford, is this a society which our past generations struggled for? How can a common person like me squeeze and gather patriotism from frustrated soul for this Pakistan day?

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