Whats is this going on in the city? I was shocked when I tried to cross the main road near my house that all heavy roads, underpasses and streets were blocked with heavy containers and trucks, despite of this fact that the area has main public and private hospitals and trauma centers.

I don’t know why shia society isn’t finishing this everyday religious activity even after a month of mourning they are still blocking main roads and deploying President’s status security protocol.

Note: I am not against their believes or faith even that I believe in religious diversity but the way people disturb civic decorum and system isn’t acceptable for me and I seriously condemn over it. If you want to celebrate your religious festivity or want to mourn then please do this in your home and avoid show-off, main roads aren’t a right forum to display your grief or festivity.

Date: 9 Rabiul Awal 1430

4 thoughts on “Show-off

  1. zain tum bohat limited sooch rahay ho apni sooch ko broden karo aur majlis mein awo tumhe hakikat samaj ay gi yeh majlis shiaon kay liye hi nahe hai hindus bohri christains sub aatay hain majlis mein, Imam hussain aik person ka naam nahe, hakikat ka naam hai jo tum samaj nahe pa rahay ho, aitna majma jama karna every year kisi invitation par nahe … See Morehota muhabat se hota hai, …. karbala aik story nahe mission hai aur ais ki zaroorat haar door mein rahay gi, this year karbala mein 15 million azadar thay at arbaeen. hajj se bhi ziada majma ashoor aur arbaeen par hota hai … yeh fikr-e-hussain hai gharon aur mehfilon taak mehdud nahe reh sakti, agar aisay gharon aur mehfilon taak mehdud kardein tou paigam kaise paunchay ga hussniyat ka paigam sirf musalman hi kay liye nahe hindu jews christains sub kay liye puri mankind kay liye hai, aisi ko dushman dabana chahta hai. dushman ko koi problem nahe agar aisay gharon aur mehfilon taak mehdud kardein usay koi problem nahe, Dushman yeh nahe chata kay road par majma ay kion kay ais se dusron ki fikr baidaar hoti hai, jo dushman ki shikast hai. aisay religious festivals hi na samjho, yeh ais se bohat barh kar hai. hazaron loog ko hakikat ki aagahi in processions se hui hai aur hazaron loog baidaar huay hain.

    Yazeed kia chahta tha, Imam Hussain ko qatal kardunga tou koi hussain ka naam lenay wala baqi na rahay ga. Yeh Yazeedi fikr rakhnay walay loog hain jo yeh chahtay hain kay Hussain ka paigam limited karo, lakin usay yeh nahe maloom tha kay janab-e-Zainab kis tarhan se hussain kay mission ko agar barhainge, I recommend you Hazrat Zainab and Imam Zain ul Aabideen ka khutba parho of darbar-e-shaam in front of Yazeed, jis mein aisi bibi ne Yazeed ko kis tarhan se lalkara tha Kay pura darbar laraznay laga. aur Yazeed ko apni shikast nazar aanay lagi.

    Ab tumharay point ki taraf aata hun, London mein nikalta hai procession Newyork mein nikalta hai haar taraf 1 road for traffic and 1 road for procession tum youtube par videos dekh lo … lakin humare country jisay moka miltay hi bomb band kar ghus aaya yeh Imam Hussain ka paigam hai sharm ka makam hai ais procession mein aitnay police kay protocals kion hain ??? soocha kabhe ? Nawasa-e-Rasool ka paigam hai aur Musalman hi Musalma ka ghar jala raha hai azadari ko rukwana chahte hain yeh shidat pasand taliban ais waqt kay yazeed hain aur sari dori America aur Israel se hi rahe hai ain ki Asl Yazeed wohi hai. tum meray pas awo I will take you to police station wahan saray alternate routes diay huay hain traffic kay, even in DAWN alternate routes of traffic publish karte hai baaz aukat , but jitna rukwaingay utna barhay gi yeh khoon mein mili hui hai hakikat aisay talash karo apnay ander. Karachi mein in Chehlum 12 lacs loog thay in markazi procession. jabke khatra tha bombings ka kion aitnay loog aagay bahir, question hai ? aur yeh 3 blast procession mein hi karnay thay jo security ki wajha se na hosakay. puri karachi ki history mein aitna rush road par nahe aaya hai in procession pura majma chila kar Labbaik Ya Hussain keh raha hai yeh sub kia hai sooch depth mein jakar. ais Labbaik Ya Hussain ki aawaz se America aur Israel laraztay hain. agar yeh gharon taak mehdud reh jae tou paigam dunya ko na paunchta 1400 years se yeh silsila jari hai aur haar waqt kay yazeed ne shikast khai hai. … See More

  2. tum aisay show-off maat kaho yeh tumhare bohat bari ignorance hai I am your best friend tum nahe jannat tum yeh kia keh rahay ho. yeh PPP ya MQM ka muzahira nahe hai yeh deen ki baqa hai, Hussain ne deen ko zindagi bakshi hai apna ghar qurban karkay, hazaron janein qurban hoon. I would say ain dino complete holidays honi chahiye yeh sirf shia ki… See More … See Morezimedari nahe hai kay ais paigam ko aagay barhay, sunni brothers bhi ain processions mein hotay hain agar ashoor mein 30 humaray shaheed huay hain tou baqi alh-e-sunnah se thay aur bhi bohat se loog different religions se ais mein hotay hain, hindus taak aatay hain, Previous year Germans taak Hazrat Zainab kay rozay par gaye hain in arbaeen, Hussain kay khoon mein taseer hai ais par ghoor karo, civic decorum ko hussniyat par priority na do. Hussainiyat kay paigam ko civic decorum se kahan mil rahay ho goor tou karo kon Hussain tha aur kia kar gaye hain wo deen ki khatir, …. yeh haar musalman ki responsibility hai kay rasool kay deen kay paigam ko dunya taak paunchay jis Imam Hussain ne bachaya.

  3. security agencies dede tahafuz ya haat jae beech se hum khud processions ko sambhal leingay. aur ALHAMDOLILLAH barpoor tarhan se SECURITY hume di ja rahe hai after ashur blast. Today 8th Rabiul Awal. Imam Mehdi (a.s) kay father Imam Hasan al Askari (a.s) ki martydom ka din tha and last day of mourning also. this procession was for these 2 reasons. … See MoreIf we are for Hussain likewise we are for our all 12th Imams Ali to Mehdi (a.s) sirf pakistan hi mein nahe all over the world jahan muslims hain mourning processions nikaltay hain and mourning period is 2 months and 8 days. (today the mourning period has now finished) but HUSSAIN is with us for the life time yeh waqt unite honay ka hai, tafraka machanay ka nahe. dushman ko uskay harbay mein kamyab maat honay do. and WE ARE UNITED BY THE GRACE OF GOD.

  4. Oh God, tum nay itni lami speech likh dee, lakin ager meray message ko ghor say perhatay tu tumko samagh aata kay mein kia keh rha hoen, you took it personally jabkay meray kehnay ka maqsad yeh nhi tha, you should read my message again. When did I say that I don’t believe upon family of prophet and his grandson? then why you mentioned his history … See Moreand importance, I never said that Yazeed is my neighbor or friend, I know he was an evil and a bad character but try to understand that I didn’t talk about religion, I said that because of shia people public is facing difficulty.
    I have nothing to do with others religion or faith, they should enjoy their own set of believe either they Muslims or minorities, every one has equal right to enjoy religious freedom and after all I believe religion is something very personal and private. I never meant to discuss or degrade or insult your faith, but I am talking about set of people who find religion as an outdoor activity.
    I am not just against shia processions on roads but I am also against of Sunnis’ juloos for 12th Rabiulawal, which they certainly show-off in competition of you people. I hate it when people block roads just to prove their religious superiority, if you want to enjoy Prophet’s birth or mourn over his family than why don’t they do this in their home, why they come on roads, there is no logic in Islam to do religious tasks on roads, for which we all have homes and Mosques, churches and temples. Today my neighbor waited for almost 2 hours to get to the hospital for his surgery, my grandfather also missed his train due to that setting then what should I call this if show-off isn’t a right word?
    I am not attacking on you, nor your believes, I never said, nor I have in heart that your faith is inferior than mine but I disagree when you say that religion should be displayed over roads. You are my best friend yes I know and I know nobody can tolerate such angled criticism but I think it has no harm to discuss things which we don’t find comfortable. I respect your religion and I respect all religions of the world except atheists but I also respect humanity which doesn’t allow us to make selfish arrangements for hours.

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