My Hero, Prophet Abraham

Abraham was born circa 1800 BC, he is considered the Father of the Prophets and his teachings reverberate through the philosophies of Jewdism, Christianity and Islam.

Qur’an describes him as “a man of truth, a prophet.”

Abraham had the courage to be alone in the world, and to still follow his deep beliefs. If he had not had conviction, in spite of all his other merits, he would probably have been forgotten in the pages of history.

It seems all too obvious to say “be true to your convictions” — almost pedestrian. We live in a world of compromise. Daily we draw lines and give a little here and there to make ourselves comfortable. Abraham would draw no such lines concerning his faith. Of course, the belief of Abraham was not anchored in a worldly system, but rather in his belief that the Lord overshadowed all creation.

Peace and blessings be upon Prophet Abraham great hero, and Prophet Ismael. Oh God make us strong, and give us strength like our father had, Oh Lord make us pure and give us strength to go against devil like our father did. Peace be upon Muslim Ummah, Peace be upon whole humanity. EID MUBARAK!

One thought on “My Hero, Prophet Abraham

  1. I hope I never become deluded enough to want to kill my loved ones after hearing some voices in my head. Life should be held above everything, especially blind faith.

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