Polio Risk

Polio is a horrible virus which can turn a healthy human being into a disable patient. Unlike other third world countries, government of Pakistan has controlled this virus with the help of UNICEF and WHO to some extent. But unfortunately Pakistani hospitals are reporting polio cases again.

What made this turn? Pakistan was a polio free country some years ago, every thing was fine, government was feeding vaccine regularly and still health workers are very active than what made them affected again?

Well this is again a drawback of our illiteracy and poverty. Myths are part of societies but you would find a huge amount of myths and misconceptions here.  Like every time, government of Pakistan is giving polio vaccine at our doorsteps. This country wide campaign from 16 to 18 November 2009 is regulated by ministry of health and UNICEF.

Like every time both my neighbors refused vaccine from health worker, usually they say that kids are outside but today they told health workers that their (unfortunate) son and daughter are older than five.


Some people think that vaccine is actually a birth control type of thing which can cause infertility in their children in near future, they think that Government has intentionally feeding such medicine to control population. Hah! I think Government has more things to do except feeding infertility vaccine and there are lot many ways to make people infertile. In fact these sick people are causing risk for their children and promoting polio virus.

While some people think that this medicine is made up of impure contents like animal fat or alcohol. Whatever they say, they just want to risk others and their own children just to prove they know more than doctors. Please dont take it easy, people who have abortive polio or non paralytic polio usually make a full recovery. However, paralytic polio, as its name implies, causes muscle paralysis – and can even result in death. In paralytic polio, the virus leaves the intestinal tract and enters the bloodstream, attacking the nerves (in abortive or asymptomatic polio, the virus usually doesn’t get past the intestinal tract). The virus may affect the nerves governing the muscles in the limbs and the muscles necessary for breathing, causing respiratory difficulty and paralysis of the arms and legs.

Polio is disability. Protect your generations.

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