A Pet In Your Life Keeps The Doctor Away

Lowers blood pressure, encourages exercise, improves psychological health— these may sound like the effects of a miracle drug, but they are actually among the benefits of owning a four-legged, furry pet.

“Research in this field is providing new evidence on the positive impact pets have in our lives,” said Rebecca Johnson, associate professor in the MU Sinclair School of Nursing, the College of Veterinary Medicine and director of ReCHAI. “This conference will provide a unique opportunity to connect international experts working in human-animal interaction research with those already working in the health and veterinary medicine fields. A wonderful array of presentations will show how beneficial animals can be in the lives of children, families and older adults.”


But I seen parents yelling at their children, “do not touch that dirty wild creature, stay away from that!” instead of teaching proper hygiene and asking them to wash hands after every touch they keep them away from pets and animals and it is horrible that I have seen some parents encouraging animal torture and they don’t stop their children from such abuse. This usually ends up in form of violent and nonsensitive society.

People should encourage children to love not just human beings but every creature of God (whether they are halal or not allowed to “eat” :p) especially pets, becaues these little creatures are gift of God, if you are worried about their hygiene than you should ask them to wash hands properly each time but please never stop them. Love animals!

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