Love Humans :)

Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too. Today is International Day for Tolerance, it is an annual observance declared by UNESCO  in 1995 to generate public awareness of the dangers of intolerance.


Humanism is a doctrine of love, tolerance and humanity which is no longer available in this world especially in our societies. Some circles try to impose an abstract and unbalanced false understanding of humanism by confusing people about jihad in Islam and awakening suspicion in their hearts. It should be difficult to format strange behavior of those who are involved in terrorism and extremism to ruin the unity and prosperity of our country. But we can change heading of this nation with the help of awareness and education. As Helen Keller has said that the highest result of education is tolerance.

Every day we see new examples of religious and ethical racism not just in out country but around the globe. People talk about  tolerance, love and humanity but they ignore these widely spoken words when things come to them. Unfortunately today religious extremism and racism is a major cause of disturbance  around the world, I don’t know how people forget that other people love their believes and faith, their values and tradition as we. As far as I know every religion of the world especially all Abrahamic religions including Islam, Christianity and Jewdism promote and teach value of tolerance and peace, but still people prefer to impose their logics on other, and it is horrible that ritual killings has become a part of their faith, we are not living in era of human sacrifice but still today humans are killing each other for the sake of their faith and religion.

The Prophet said:

Help your brothers whether they are oppressors or victims. You can help oppressors by making them stop their oppression (to others).

Today we should analyze how much we are good with other, how much we listen and accept others, because today we are just obeying ritual and traditions of Islam but in fact we had forgotten the main concept of peace, tolerance, equality and discipline of this religion. Our society lacks major moral and ethical phenomena of Islam due to which we are propagating hundreds of social diseases. I request you all, please do not worry about what others believe, do not disturb your neighbor because of his religion or nationality, please don’t bully your classmate because of his race or sexual orientation, please do not discriminate your fellows because of their gender or colour, please don’t make fun of others because of their language or names and please, please dont kill other because of what their governments are doing in other part of the World and because of their religion and faith. Please tolerate behavior of others, because a tolerant person is always a brave and strong person.

We live in a country where Muslims are in majority but still we consider minorities as our brothers, they have equal rights and privileges under the constitution of Pakistan. But unfortunately many people discriminate them because they differ by faith and believes, and I have seen many cases of torture and violence just because of intolerance regarding this matter.

Ralph Sockman said, “The test of courage comes when we are in minority. The test of tolerance comes when we are in majority.”

Lets join hands together, come out of your box and make this world a better place to live 🙂

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