Islam’s Global Gathering

Millions of Muslims from around the globe are descending to the Holy city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia for upcoming grand worship and series of rituals of Hajj.

All in white represent unity and simplicity of humanity, equality, that all of us are equal in sight of God, whether we are governors of our countries or Judges of supreme courts, whether we are from jails or from prestigious palaces of presidency after all we are equal and same people, same creature made up of bone and muscles, offspring of Adam and Eve.

It strengths us that nobody is higher than Almighty, no body has rights and honor more than he had given to them. Hajj gives idea of final day of judgment where nobody will be able to use his wealth and honor and message of peace and harmony for the whole humanity.

The great worship of Hajj is about to start and millions of Muslim pilgrims will take part in this spiritual celebration. According to manager of Hajj, ministry of Saudi arabia, it is a very technical event every year, they prepare holy sites for that week-long pilgrimage through out the whole year, imagine a footballl match and in that match all the stadium spectators also have to play with athletes and at the same time, this is extremely sensitive and risky as well.

Hajj is basically a pilgrimage to Makkah. It is currently the largest annual pilgrimage in the world, it is a demonstration of the solidarity of the Muslim people, and their submission to God. The pilgrimage occurs from the 7th to 13th day of Zilhijj. Historically elements of the Hajj trace back to the time of Abraham p.b.u.h, around 2000 BC. It is believed that the Prophet Ibrahim was ordered by God to leave his wife Hagar p.b.u.h and his infant son Ismael p.b.u.h alone in the desert. While he was gone, the child became thirsty, and Hagar ran back and forth seven times searching for water for her son. The baby cried and hit the ground with his foot and water miraculously sprang forth. This source of water is today called the well of Zam-zam.

A study conducted in conjunction with Harvard University’s School of Government found that the Hajj experience promotes peaceful coexistence, equality, and harmony. Specifically, the report states that the Hajj “increases belief in equality and harmony among ethnic groups and Islamic community and that “Hajjis  show increased belief in peace, and in equality and harmony among adherents of different religions”

Hope God will call us for this pilgrimage very soon. Ameen!

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