Boycott Meethai

A volunteer promotional campaign has been going on ARY news since sugar has become rare from stores. I don’t feel this acceptable to boycott such an essential and important chemical substance from your life, sugar is not something like your cosmetics, cold drink or fast food to avoid, it is a very basic part of everyday diet, we cant boycott that simply because it does not matters that much, we hardly use a pound of sugar a day in tea and coffee or in sweet dishes.

But meethai, a part of Pakistani culture is using a huge amount of sugar and you must have been noticing that our sweet sellers are raising their price list with every passing day and it’s not just an addition of few rupees but they are increasing them like multiplication. If you pay attention to their ingredients and quality standards than you would find that it’s all mafia, what the hell they have made an ordinary snack into a royal luxurious item, why the hell they sell sweets in cuffed cotton suits, are they supposed to work as HR managers or have anyone told them that hygiene means pressed white clothes? I just don’t have objection over their dressing in fact everybody should wear tidy clothes but I am angry about over all situation. They claim that their prices are high because they use animal fat commonly known as desi or aslee ghee, but is there any justification behind selling barfi, pay-tha, qala-qand and ladoo etc for the same high prices of about three hundred rupees per kilogram? And amazingly there’s no competition among them, a seller in a dark corner of Korangi area has the same price of what a person is selling his high quality branded sweets in a posh mall of Karachi, there is no difference what ever they sell, but they have almost same standards over price.

No doubt we lack a proper check and balance plus price control authority in our system but there must be a level of ethics, I am not supposed to sell silver at the rate of gold because it’s not possible, I mean my common sense and my moral wouldn’t allow me but their bulging bellies are getting hungry with leaps and bounds.

Plus our public has no control over their demands, meethia is not as essential as sugar and milk, we can easily boycott it and by doing so we can achieve two goals with a single arrow, it will not only help reduce the sugar crisis but this boycott will control meethai mafia aswell.

I request you people to avoid sticky boxes of gulab jamun and chamcham next time you visit your neighborhood wedding and give them chocolates instead. Change the trend, and mark your change on your society, boycott meethai!

2 thoughts on “Boycott Meethai

  1. pakistan is a free economy state so u cant fix prices of sugar as the government is doing. If sugar cane prices are high then obviously sugar prices will increase. Who will invest in the country if the someone else dictates you to sell their product in a fixed price which is not acceptable to the mill owners as they will incur huge losses resulting in closure of the mills meaning job losses and farmers with crops which no one will buy. Farmers are majority population of pakistan and so is sugar prices increase it means that sugarcane is expensive which ultimately is a benefit for the farmers. And for mithai if its expensive then dont buy it. Ary food channel sis boycott sugar in their cooking program and guess who was the sponser of the program coca cola which comsumes 150000 tons of sugar every year in pakistan and this is just coke. Pepsi has more consumption. How the hell can u justify arys boycott if their sponser is coke. Its stupid. These news channels are blackmailers. They dont even tell the truth they sell news which sells and not true news.

    • Thanks for your comments. First of all I meant the same, sugar is an essential item, you cant stop people eating that (unless they have diabetics) its as important as milk, wheat and other daily products, but as far as your “free economy” concept concern, I am not agree with that. Pakistan is an independent state but it doesn’t mean that our economy is free and independent, it certainly have governmental control and influence of international market. Haven’t you ever heard of price control agencies? In every democratic free state there is always a controlling body to take hold over profit, loss and demand production ratio and since we don’t have such mechanism and control, you can see the result over milk, wheat and meat prices and unavailability of sugar.
      Now you think that profit from high prices go to farmers? that’s funny, you better visit Pakistani farms, there you will find them starving and crying, nobody ask them how they survive, nobody is their to buy their sugar cans becaues our senators and members of National assembly are not letting their mills to crush for new season becaues this might reduce the cost of the sugar, Yes almost all sugar mills belongs to members of senate and assembly, they already have millions of tons of sugar stored in their storage and nobody is there to ask them why they are not operating their crushers. Even according to one report, trucks full of sugar canes are parked outside of their gates but still they are not starting crushing for the new season.
      We have a series of setup to facilitate citizens, first it is basic responsibility of civilian government to facilitate and ensure peace and fundamental needs of their citizen, (but we have government which has some different priorities) than we have courts, they have responsibility to control setup and issue verdicts to control them (as per constitution of Pakistan) and if all fails we have military to control. What do you want, a free economy, a jungle culture? You want your sabzi wala, dodh wala and gosht wala to do what they want, than soon we will end up as Sudan. I think you are supporter of a very common phrase “lena hai tu lo warna jao” but No society progress like this nor our constitution allow us.
      You talk about investment, is there any possibility remains for investment where we suffer from almost 4-5 hours of electric load shading on daily basis, where we dont have security assurance, where government has no control over mill and producers and court is doing what government is supposed to do. I don’t think that we can change until and unless we change our thinking.

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