Well sensitivity matters, I was surprised to hear that President Obama today ordered that American flags at all federal properties be flown at half-staff until Veterans Day, next Wednesday to honor the people killed at Fort Hood yesterday.

According to reports thirteen people were killed yesterday (1 civilian and 12 soldiers) by an army psychiatrist in military ground fort Hood Taxes. To give them honor Governor Strickland has ordered flags be lowered at half-staff across the state of Ohio.

While still blood spots have not vanished away from Mina Bazar of Peshawar where about 120 people were killed last week but formal messages of condolences and news of cash prizes for dead and injured had ended up. Not a single minister paid his visit to the site because all of them were busy in greeting and meeting Mrs. Henry Clinton including President and Prime minister of Pakistan. For them international hospitality and royal treatment was important than ordinary lives of one twenty Pakistanis, imagine its a huge number, a single blast made 120 family ruined and dozens handicapped. But it’s not necessary for People of Pakistan, democracy is important.

I heard a minister saying on that accident “We will fight with them till the last moment, whether we will have to give sacrifice of our lives.” The shameless people talk that way because their children and families are settled in world-class European and American cities, they have no fear that their sons and daughter might get killed due to terrorism they are just here to put shameless stupid comments over blasts.

The main purpose of my post is to tell you that last week Pakistani Flag kept flying high for the whole day over 120 dead Pakistani citizens and while today American flag is half-staff just to honor 13 citizen, this shows how ignorant, selfish and shameless we have become, this shows what is a value of Pakistani life and this shows how sensitive we are towards each other.

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