Republic and Reconciliation

We have one of the exclusive assemblies of the world having majority number of members from prisons and international asylums and fortunately we got a most deserving candidate for seat of Presidency of such corrupt assembly.

But what made them from zero to hero, from dark prison cells and political asylums to royal palaces and luxurious motorcades. This is what we call National reconciliation ordinance NRO, a stupid presidential ordinance which says that people between such such era have pardon from their crimes including sever governmental corruption and even murder cases. According to political beneficiaries this ordinance is the requirement of time and majority of cases upon them are just political victimization and revenge. Thats so funny!

But who are they to decide whether they are guilty or not, obviously every guilty claims himself innocent and we have courts for that purpose they should ask for justice there instead of claiming themselves right and others being against them.

NRO is a controversial presidential ordinance since its issues, It has faced a huge public opposition and stay order from supreme court, the order is still undigestisable not just becaues of its particular pardon but also it is not acceptable under constitution of Pakistan, under constitution of 1973 and UN declaration of human rights all citizens are equal so who gave them authority to categorize politicians supreme?

NRO is in debate, assembly has to decide its future becaues it will become no more valid by the deadline of 28th November 2009 and all cases upon members of National and provincial assemblies shall resume. But its not that  easy, in this case National assembly has to pass the ordinance by two third majority after that approval the bill will visit the upper house, The Senate of Pakistan where it will be required to get majority again from there it will finally visit to the supreme court of Pakistan to get its final approval to become act in constitution. President Zardari, one of the biggest beneficiary of NRO wont get any effect of rejection becaues he has immunity due to his designation. So its an another debate whether it can get such a controversial series of approvals and final place in constitution but lets have a look upon current situation of a common citizen beneath heavy capitol buildings.

Here at one end politicians are enjoying exclusive seven course dinner every night at Presidency and on the other hand citizens are starving due to high price of common wheat flour, milk, pulses, fat and sugar is not available at any cost despite of the fact that Pakistan is one of the world’s major agricultural country, world’s fifth milk producing and fourth sugarcane producing country through world’s biggest irrigation system still our people are striving for long utility store lines just to get a few kgs of sugar and flour and in fact sugar has became rare now.

Now Prime Minister has announced that we are going to start load shading of gas 2 days per week, this is an extra topping over a pizza where citizens are already crying becaues of unscheduled electricity load shading hence Pakistan is facing full time power crisis.

Whenever I watch them fighting over television debates I come to think that is this for what we have voted them to gain high seats? How can someone talk about meaning less and fake words like patriotism and nationalism where dozens of people are being killed in reaction of so called war on terror in fact that has made us lot more terrified, can someone living outside of Pakistan (and talking about love of country) imagine a life without limbs and a lost sibling, its terrible to think about uncertainty of life and property. Its a lot easy to talk about number of casualties but its not that simple for those who face it.

Nothing will change by just talking positive, you cant change the situation by telling people how much you love this country or what they must not talk or by hiding the facts, try to be realistic instead of using artificial glitter its a time to improve face, our real face.

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