There are already hundreds of articles, columns, reports and blogs about background of Pakistani politics and mafia propagating in assemblies. To write more about such things seems wastage of time to me, but I must take out what is boiling inside me.

Today, communication has moved far ahead of the limitations of past, and foreign trips by dignitaries are seen as an activity that must be undertaken only when the purpose is solid and justifiable and the period of absence limited.

How then can they justify President Asif Zardari’s innumerable visits abroad, which have also included extended periods of private breaks? In the first four months after assuming the presidency last September, he made nine foreign trips costing Rs150m. He took off within a week of taking oath.

Since he is a co-chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party, how can one prove that he will be loyal with the whole population of assembly, while I have seen myself that all most all cars of Presidential motorcade have both Pakistani and PPP’s flag on them. In fact whenever he give statements as a President he often use name of his party instead of his country.

Our party is not against friendly relations with the US, however, no relationship is more important than our national interests. We want good ties with the US but not at the cost of our sovereignty and integrity.

President Zardari

Since his oath he had been to United nations for couple of times but every time he brought there a portrait of his wife to gain some more from Presidents of the world.

For how long will he advertise his family in United nations and other countries of the world? According to constitution President of Pakistan is a symbol of unity, a head of state and chief executive but when I look towards my current President I found him just a father of his children, widower of his wife and a chairman of his party and nothing more than that.

“I personally am in favor of the chief justice, but there is a position in the party, which says that he has become too politicized in the last many months and he has been leading rallies.

“It’s the vacuum that has been created by the martyrdom of my late wife that has sparked the [new situation] in Pakistan.

Article 43 of Constitution of Pakistan states that President can’t hold any other position during his tenure of office.

43. Conditions of President’s office.
(1) The President shall not hold any office of profit in the service of Pakistan or occupy any other position carrying the right to remuneration for the rendering of services.

When Presidents, Prime Ministers and Members of house disobey constitution of country than how would u expect citizens to be faithful to law?

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