Love or Lust ?

You must be thinking that I am trying to be extra but believe me its important to know. People often mix sex and love. They have been writing about love since ancient times, many have painted on large canvas and there are many who write poetry and praise it. All the world is talking about love, it has become so common that you would find it in jokes, cartoons, movies and dramas. But amazingly people pollute love by mixing it with sexual attractions.

When they see someone cool, attractive and sexually hot, they find themselves in love with him and think that it is love at first sight but in fact this is nothing but a feeling of sexual attraction or affection towards a person. You would find most of the RJs and TV anchors talking about love but why they have made love so restricted, why they always try to prove that people are suffering heartbreak because of love?

Fact is different from this philosophy because love is every where it is in every human being it is as common as air and nobody can spend his life without feeling love for things around him. It is a factor of human psychology that every man feel associations and concerns for things and people around him and it is factor of human biology that man feels attractions towards woman to reproduce and promote human population hence both are separate things. But it doesn’t mean that people cant feel love for their partners, they might start feeling love for them once they start living together or stay close with each other like we love our friends and pets.

What is Love?

There are countless beautifully written essays, letters and poems that describe “love” in touching and eloquent ways. There are an equal number of cold and scientific research studies on “love”. Yet today most people are probably more confused than ever!

I apologize if this description lacks the image of other writings. However you need to be able to understand what love is. You need to be able to think intelligently about love. And you need to recognize love when it exists. And you need to recognize when “it” really isn’t love at all!

And so we I you a simple concept. Don’t underestimate this definition. You must totally grasp and be able to think with this definition. Your future happiness may well depend on it!


Love is  “an intense, affectionate concern for another person.” [American Heritage]

Please note it is a concern and not a desire or need. You may also have a desire but that desire is not love.  A need is not love.  It is not about self.  Love has to do with the other person.  Just remember that it is “An intense, affection concern for another person.”


I could provide a formal definition but the simplicity is that sex is that activity necessary to procreate and keep the species alive. Most people find that it is a pleasurable activity and, of course, must be or the activity would not occur and the species would die out.

Most people feel that sex is an excellent means to express love but it otherwise really has little to do with love. Sex obviously exists completely devoid of love. There is solo sex.  There is prostitution.  There is pornography.  And there is casual sex and promiscuity. It is just too obvious that a lot of sexual activity occurs without any connection to love at all!

People collapse “love” with “sex” and it gets complicated. It isn’t complicated. Sex is sex and love is “an intense affectionate concern for another person”.

Even though in an ideal romantic relationship love and sex would both be present, you must be able to differentiate the two.

5 thoughts on “Love or Lust ?

  1. Superb article filled with enrich vocabluary and well differenciated btw love and lust with simple and clear examples from daily routine life. well done (Y)

  2. nice work boy
    u differentiated them both in simple manner n do agree our new generation dont know this infact all of them mess da whole thing up may b it will open once mind 🙂
    keep it up well done

  3. well work dude
    i think dats aa gerat work u doo.but i think any one who read thiz once a time who applies on him than hez clear his mind 4 love and lust and sex.

  4. wow! that was awesomly boring… Other than this “What is sex?” para.. :p
    hehe…. kidding!
    gud work..
    *thumbs up*

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