Mushtaq Ahmed Yusufi

“I like Ghalib, Hawkes Bay and okra (bhindi). I like the smell of newly printed currency notes. For a pet I like dogs. The first dog I had was for chowkidari. It was stolen! Now I have a dog for a different reason. That is, dog is man’s best friend! Mussalmans have a logic behind their dislike for dogs… they do not like animals which they cannot eat!… I love music, therefore, I don’t listen to the radio… I don’t like emotional men and unemotional women…”

Yesterday I was watching his episode of program which he did in Karachi Arts Council. Yousufi Sahab is an excellent humorist and an intelligent executive, I have two of his earlier books in my cupboard as well but you know, he wrote his first book when he was working as a managing director in Allied Bank of Pakistan and later he wrote his second book when he was President of United Bank of Pakistan.

While today all directors, presidents, vice presidents and even managers of private and public institutions prefer to spend their free time in clubs, gym khana and resorts, maybe VIP culture has penetrated in our roots, people try to showthemselves different from ordinery people.

I would also like to name Ibn-e-Insha aswell, a very good writer and poet. He has been a representative of Pakistan to United Nations and foreign Minister of Pakistan. He wrote travelogues during his foreign visits and official meetings, one of his poem “yeh bach kesa bacha hai” is my favourite because every word of it represents those unfortunate children of the world who even have not a single piece of bread to eat or shoes to wear in this wealthy world. I salute his contribution to United Nations and to Pakistan.

Their legacy will remain forever.

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