Welcome Friends :D

This is my first post of very first blog. I named this blog Zaaviya. It means angle of perspective in Urdu, it is my perspective and ideas towards world around me. You people might love my posts and some might feel them useless and baseless but whatever you will comment here will be highly appreciated.


I have been using Facebook for last two years and it has best quality features to share information, ideas and opinions with friends and to engage in arguments and debates but what made me think to start a blog? Actually (frankly) I want more personalize space to share, here those people can visit as well who have no access to facebook or might have no account over there, here I would be able to trace comments and posts more conveniently and it would an independent place where facebook wont be able to issue verdicts over controversial comments (last time they disabled my profile just because of this reason and they refused to reactivate it again for any reason).


Thank you for visiting such an immature blog, I would feel very happy if you put a comment as well. I am waiting for your criticism, appreciation and suggestions.

4 thoughts on “Welcome Friends :D

  1. Thank you, hope you will visit again πŸ™‚ since I am new in blogging, I am confused how to request people to visit blog. Facebook is better in this thing.

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